Ivacy VPN Review 2017 – Support Torrenting


The Good

  • 256-bit Advanced Encryption
  • 250+ Servers in 50+ Countries
  • Super Fast Streaming
  • Optimized P2P Servers
  • Split Tunneling
  • 7-day Money back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Server Switching

The Bad

  • No free trial
9.8 Advance Security
9.6 User-Friendly
9.7 Unblock Websites

Comprehensive Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy VPN consistently ranks amongst the top five VPNs in the global market. In a market where fierce competition is going on, Ivacy has managed to stand out amongst its competitors through it unique selling proposition (USP) – its wide range of user-friendly features which it gives away at inarguably the most competitive price that the market has to offer.

The official Ivacy website states that it has more than 250 optimized servers spread across 100+ locations in more than 50 countries. We put these servers to the test and were quite pleased with the connection speed.

What we found out after a 1-month paid subscription of Ivacy is that its servers are great for streaming videos. Save for a few instances, streaming was fast and we didn’t need to wait for buffering. We also tried sharing large P2P files with Ivacy by connecting to “US Fastest Server” and were quite surprised by how well the Ivacy VPN review performed.

The first thing that you are bound to notice about Ivacy is its low cost compared to other VPNs. Although this may give you the impression that the service is mediocre, Ivacy performed remarkably well in our extensive tests.

Pricing Plans & Packages

The VPN industry has almost removed the “free trial” from their list of features and Ivacy has followed the footsteps of the industry. Thus, we had no option but to go for the 1-month payment plan which cost us $11.95. Alternatively, we could have gone for the 2-year payment plan which is more economical at $39.95 a month.

However, after testing Ivacy VPN for a whole month, we realized that we could have enjoyed the service for a whole year with the 1-year payment plan which costs only $29.95. Compared to industry average, we kind of appreciate Ivacy’s cost-leadership strategy as it focuses more on expanding its client base than maximizing profits.Ivacy VPN Pricing PlanNote: Ivacy has a 7-day money-back guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with the service even after 7 days of using it, still you can ask for a refund.

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Ivacy VPN (Speed Test)

Some of us had initial reservations over Ivacy review that it would not fare well in the speed test. After all, at literally rock-bottom price compared to industry standards, you would naturally suspect a cheap bargain. Ivacy is nothing of the sort – delivering exceptionally well on all fronts.

On its website, Ivacy VPN boasts 250+ optimized servers that are designed to deliver high-speed buffer-free streaming. So we began by streaming TV shows, movies and sports on Hulu, iFlix and BBC iPlayer among many other streaming channels and found the experience smooth and buffer-free, save for a few isolated moments. But it was so “rare” that it’s totally forgivable.

We then kicked it up a notch and switched the video resolution to Full HD (1080p) to see if it impacted the buffering. For the most part, the stream-bar still struggled to keep pace with the buffer-bar. Ivacy fared just as well when sharing P2P files.Ivacy VPN Download Speed

Ivacy VPN Upload Speed

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Here are some stand-out features that we really love to mention in this Ivacy VPN Review:

  • Torrenting and P2P File sharing with complete anonymity
  • User-friendly Interface
  • 250+ Optimized Servers Across 50+ Countries
  • 256-bit Advanced Encryption
  • Unlimited Server-switching
  • Smart-purpose Selection
  • Buffer-free Streaming
  • 5 Simultaneous Connection
  • Zero Logs Policy

Device Compatibility

This is where Ivacy really stands out from the competitors as it boasts strong compatibility with a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac OS X, AndroidiOS, media boxes and even gaming consoles! Here’s a complete list of compatible devices on which we successfully tested while reviewing the Ivacy VPN:Ivacy VPN for All devicesWith Ivacy’s 5-Multi-login feature, you can use one account to log on to five different devices at the same time! And the best part is that you get to enjoy the full range of Ivacy features with all payment plans so you can protect multiple devices with Ivacy at any given time.

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Security & Privacy Policy

Ivacy VPN uses 256-bit advanced encryption over a wide range of protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSEC, IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Among these, OpenVPN boasts the highest level of security, privacy and anonymity while other protocols can be selected for faster speeds, particularly when you want to download torrents or stream videos.

From smartphones, tablets and PCs to media boxes and gaming consoles, you can protect virtually any smart device. Oh, and in this Ivacy review we have also discussed about the strict zero-logging policy which means that user activities are not recorded or logged.

Once you download Ivacy VPN client for windows application it will appear in this manner.

Ivacy VPN Client for Windows Process

After the sign up process you receive a confirmation email including the credentials. Enter the username and password in the respective fields and click on “Login In” button to make it functional.Ivacy has also introduced a “personalized selection” in which you can choose the purpose, countries, and cities according to your requirement.Ivacy offers many amazing features to compete with expensive VPN clients e.g. Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN to prevent hacking by encrypting your network traffic and Internet Kill Switch, while browsing internet it often happens that connection gets drop this feature automatically connects you to the nearest location.Split Tunneling is another feature developed by Ivacy to make your connection speedy. To Activate Go to settings > Tab “Split Tunneling“, Enable the option. Select which internet traffic want to bypass through encrypted tunnel and which go through from regular connection.After following the above steps you can click  “Connect Now” button and enjoy complete Privacy with Ivacy.

Customer Support

Although we didn’t run into any problems with Ivacy during our one-month subscription period, we did contact their customer support since we didn’t know how to configure Ivacy on PS4. The customer support executive was polite and courteous, offering prompt assistance along on Live Chat, Facebook, and Email (Tickets).Ivacy VPN Customer SupportApart from customer support, the Ivacy VPN website also offers “how to configuretutorials, FAQs, and informative articles on how to use its various features.

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The whole Ivacy review really took us by surprise as we were not expecting it to deliver so much at such a reasonable price. The array of features, the user-friendly interface and the advanced encryption protocols are something that other VPNs boast too but it is Ivacy’s cost-leadership strategy – to expand its client base rather than maximize profits – that gives it a distinct and unique edge over other pricier alternatives in the market.

Kristen Michelle is a Security Evangelist and Managing Editor at VPNLogics. She spends most of her time in writing and researching about online security and privacy and helps others to raise awareness.

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